Analysis of gas-solid heat transfer performance in vertically-arranged sinter coolers

In order to analyze the gas-solid heat transfer performance in vertically-arranged sinter coolers, a one-dimensional steady-state model was established to evaluate the gas-solid heat transfer in a sinter bed. The amounts of energy and exergy recovered were used as the criteria to compare the waste heat recovery ability under different operating Conditions. The model was […]

Exergy Analysis for Thermal Power System of 700 ℃ Supercritical Power Unit

Based on the exergy analysis and matrix distribution theory and combined with the research results of the AD700 technology. Exergy analysis for unit parameters of A 700 ℃ 、1 000 MW ultrasupercritical power unit,to reveal exergy loss distribution,extent and origin of system components.Carried on the optimization improvement and provided reference for the new ultra supercritical […]

Parameter Optimization of Composite Program of LNG Cold Energy Generation and Cooling

In the low-temperature Rankine cycle power generation system of LNG cold energy, the cycle working fluid properties will have effect on the LNG cold energy recovery efficiency and the level of system security and stability. Working fluid that meet the composite utilization program of LNG cold energy generation and cooling were screened, and cold energy […]

Exergy Analysis on Gasification Process of Biomass via Air

Aspen Plus software combined with Fortran programming was employed to study gasification of biomass via air based on a fixed bed reactor, and pine, corn stalks, sawdust were selected as gasification feedstock. The effects of equivalent ratio (ER) and biomass moisture content on dry gas lower heating value, gasification temperature, dry gas composition and exergy […]

Energy Consumption Efficiency of a C02 Tube – in -tube Gas Cooler under Second Law of Thermodynamics

A trans – critical C02 refrigeration system experimental table equipped with a tube – in – tube gas cooler was utilized to conduct the experiment. The temperature distribution of water in the gas cooler was measured under different CO2 mass flow rates, high side pressure and cooling water volume flow rates. The energy consumption efficiency […]