Unified Conditions of Environmental Test for Equipment

Based on carding material environmental profile related to transportation, reposition, launch and flight, the character of environmental profile was analyzed. The measured data of equipment was also studied, and the feasibility of unified conditions of environmental in equipment was researched based on result of the measured data. The study results show that vibration and shock […]

Study on Data Generation Methods of Equipment Operation and Support

The data of operation and support of equipment are important basis of carrying out equipment scientific research.However,the related data are often lack of proper accumulation because of ill management,secret and too small sample.So the data are unable to meet the needs of actual research.In order to overcome the difficulty,methods of data generation are proposed.First,the data […]

The distributed ISL mining uranium and its key equipment

The concept of distributed ISL mining uranium technology and its key equipment are intro- duced. The technology includes satellite plant's adsorption and central plant's centralized processing technology such as resin washing, elution, acidifying of qualified solution and sediment etc. technolo- gy. Key equipment includes load and unload resin adsorption tower at satellite plants, transportation resin […]

Study on Automation Equipment Design for Snowmelt Agent Preparation From Wood Vinegar and Decoloration

The automation equipment for snowmelt agent preparation from wood vinegar fluid was used to study the optimization of decolorizing system. The dosage of activated carbon and the decolorizing cost were reduced by combining membrane filtration primary decolorizing and activated carbon refined decolorizing, and the efficiency of decolorization was also improved. The results show that the […]

Statistical Analysis on Distribution of Natural Low Temperature in China

Objective To provide some guidance for equipment design and maintenance in low-temperature servicing areas in China. Methods Consecutive years of low-temperature data in 125 meteorological stations of plateau and northern China was collected to for statistical analysis. Referring to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G and the UK defense standard DEF STAN 00-35, and combining with […]

Normalized Maintenance of Defense Engineering

The inside environment maintenance of the defense engineering is important for the well operation of the device. Aimed at the wet environment for the inside environment of the de- fense engineering, characteristics of the defense engineering environment are introduced. The in- side moist environment and its reason are analyzed. Normalized maintenance methods for the de- […]

Analysis of requirements and development trend of high-tech equipment in China coast guard

Starting from the current situation and tasks faced by the transfer and reorganization of the China coast guard, this paper analyzes the actual needs of high-tech equipment field in the army, discusses the main problems faced by the high-tech equipment in China coast guard, and looks forward to the future development trend of the high-tech […]

Dual Oil Inlets & Dual Electric Fields Desalter/Dehydrator Technology and Equipment

Electrical desalting and dehydrating are the important link of oil field and refinery,desalter/dehydrator are the important equipment of oil refining.Starting from the principle of oil electric desalting/dehydrating technology,the main factors influencing the electrical desalting/dehydrating effect are analyzed,the key of electric tank design that the rise velocity of oil in electric field is point out.The desalting/dehydrating […]

The Study on Second Cooling Design Criteria Aimed at High Efficiency Billet Casting forFull Steel Grades

Facilities and process parameters of the secondar cooling system is critical to realize high efficiency billet casting for full steel grades. Present authors give suggestions on the design of secondary cooling equipment, based on the industrial practice and model computation including metallurgical length, length of the secondary cooling zone and the type of secondary cooling. […]

Net set assemble one 1205 bearing, cigarette shop assembles the bearing

Adjust the heart ball bearing Keep the same with bearing centre, so have and adjust the same adjusting the heart function of heart ball bearing automatically. When axle, outer cover bend, can adjust automatically, does not increase the bearing to bear. Axial load that the sub bearing can bear radial load and two directions of […]