Practices on Secondary Mining Technology of Goaf Coal Pillars in Previous Gateway of Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Face

In order to enhance the recovery rate of coal resources, and alleviate the alternation of mining and driving, and to achieve safe and high – efficient re – mining of fully mechanized mining face. The paper detailed the technology measures of old roadway secure driving in fully mechanized mining face and the safety mining technology […]

Blasting of Roadway Driving in Luobusha Chromite Mine Tibet

In order to meet the requirements of construction period and roadway shaping after winning the bid,the Ministry of Project has completed blasting design and after many blasting tests,put forward tools and blasting parameters suitable for rock excavation in Luobusha Chromite Mine,Tibet.It mainly includes changing barrel-type cuts to wedge-type cuts,using eccentric drills to drill rocks,and improving […]