Reason Analysis and Control Measures of Break-out of PZH Steel Square/Round Billet Continuous Casting

Described the types and characteristics of Break-out Of PZHSteel square/round billet continuous casting,had found out the main cause of Sticking Break-out.By optimizing operations,develop appropriate preventive measures,effective control of the break-out of square/round billet continuous casting.

Cost analysis of metallurgical sinter

With the rapid development of China's economy, the development momentum of the metallurgical industry, enterprises in order to obtain greater economic benefits, make many efforts in the sintering process of sinter cost saving, but also ensure the quality of products. This paper briefly analyzes the cost control measures of metallurgical sintering, hoping to play a […]

Causes and control measures for narrow side bulging on 400mm special thick slab

Taking the 400 mm special thick slab narrow side bulging as the analytical object,combined with the actual production,analyzed the influence of the cooling intensity of mould,taper at the narrow side,length of narrow side foot roller on the narrow face bulging. To effectively solve the problem,some measures to prevent the slab narrow face bulging were presented […]

Study on Zinc Balance of Sinter and Blast Furnace and Its Control Measures

The zinc balance of 2 500 m~3 BF ironmaking and corresponding sintering process is studied in Xinyu Steel. Results show that the amount of zinc into the blast furnace of 1. 055 kg/t,is mainly composed of sinter and pellet among then,the sinter carries 84% of the total amount of zinc. Zinc blast furnace is mainly […]