Reason Analysis and Control Measures of Break-out of PZH Steel Square/Round Billet Continuous Casting

Described the types and characteristics of Break-out Of PZHSteel square/round billet continuous casting,had found out the main cause of Sticking Break-out.By optimizing operations,develop appropriate preventive measures,effective control of the break-out of square/round billet continuous casting.

Research on Continuous Casting Precision Forming of 5356 Aluminum Alloy for Welding Wire

The problem of "snap" is prone to occur in process of 5356 aluminum alloy continuous casting due to the poor plasticity, it is difficult to manufacture the casting bloom whose diameter is no more than 12 mm by directly continuous casting. In order to realize precision forming of 5356 aluminum alloy continuous casting for welding […]

Production practice on steel grade transition of continuous casting

In viewing of the characteristics of the heavy slab production line which has many kinds of steel grades, small batch contacts and complex orders, in order to reduce the casting sequences and production cost, the continuous casting between different grade steels was realized by dropping the molten steel in a ladle to limit. This method […]

Optimization technology of continuous casting of stainless steel pipe billet

In order to improve the quality of stainless steel pipe, the continuous casting technology of stainless steel pipe billet was studied in this paper. Technological measures such as complex deoxidization, optimization of the tundish and mold flow field using the simulation software, improvement of the mold flux, installation of the S-EMS were inves- tigated. These […]

Design of Non-Sinusoidal Vibration Control System for Continuous Casting Mould Driven by Electro-Hydraulic Servo

A kind of non-sinusoidal vibration control system that electro-hydraulic servo drive for ensuring mould that work stably and reliably was designed, and the central control unit based on the 32 bit embedded microprocessor. Realization of control strategy based on the PID algorithm, the controller communicated with PC by CAN bus. The design of monitoring system […]

Study on Rheological Properties of Fluorine-free Continuous Casting Mould Powder

In this paper the transition temperature and viscosity of mould powder with different B2O3 ,TiO2 and CaF2 had been measured, and the corresponding lnη / T curve had been plotted. Viscous flow activa- tion energy had been calculated through fitting method. The effect of CaF2 ,TiO2 and B2O3 contents on the rheology characteristics of mould […]

Simulation investigation of ultrasonic field generated by electromagnetic excitation for skin surface of continuous casting billet

In order to study the non-destructive testing(NDT)mechanism of solidification shell thickness measurement in secondary cooling zone of continuous casting,the influence of vibration ripples on casting billet was analyzed.The coupling model of electric field,magnetic field and force field with spiral coils was established by finite element analysis method.To analyze the influence of vibration marks on the […]

Produce practice of cleanliness control for IF steel during steel making process

By optimizing converter bottom blowing,slag control,top slag modification technology,shortening processing cycle of RH refining,strictly controlling oxygen blowing during RH refining process,stabilizing oxygen content at decarburization endpoint,improving hit rate of Al adding,and ensuring the sedation time from RH vacuum break to casting being longer than 20 min which promising sufficient time for inclusions to float,the ratio […]

Formation mechanism of slag rim in 304 stainless steel continuous casting mold

Formation and growth of slag rim in continuous casting mold is one of the important causes to worse slab quality. In this article,the chemical ingredient,physical-chemical properties,crystallized mineralogical phases,composition and structure of slag rim,original mold flux and mold flux for 304 stainless steel after 60 min from casting start were studied. The results show that TiO_2 […]

Test and application of the vertical mold in gold ingot casting

In light of the deficiencies of the ingot casting process in a gold smeltery, the paper puts forward a con-tinuous casting process using the vertical mold, and conducts experimental research on influencing factors including the mold size, temperature and crucible. Batch test results show that the continuous casting process using the vertical mold can produce […]