A Study of Car Advertisements from the Perspective of High-context and Low-context Communication

The cultural context is particularly important in the field of intercultural communication,and Hall's theory of high-context and low-context cultures is the most typical in the study of cross-cultural communication.Studies of high and low context cultures will help us better understand distinctive ways of communication in different situations and achieve smooth cross-cultural communication.Based on Hall’s theory […]

Battlefield Situation-aware Interface Model on Context

Context information can be embedded into battlefield situation-aware interface,which can help judge users’ intention,provide adaptive user interface,recommend interface resources and collaborative mechanism. By this way,the ability of situation perception,understand,prediction can be promoted. Currently the embedding mechanism and processing flow for context information are not yet definitive,which cause obstacles to the utilization of context. This paper […]

On the Content, Character, and Significance of the Contextualism View of History of Science

View of History of science is the understanding and thought on the history of science in the writings of history of science. This article is based on some of the works about history of science, pointing out Contextualism View of History of Science from these books, and researching on the content, character, significance. Contextualism View […]

The Idealization in Metaphorical Modeling and Its Logical Characteristics

Idealization is one of the key factors of scientific rationality, and the metaphorical modeling based on the idealized hypothesises exactly reflects the scientific rationality respectively from the methodology and the logic. In the methodology, idealization in metaphorical modeling is essentially a process of simplification,' which establishes the relational system of intentiouality on the basis of […]

Jiao Yulu in 1966:The Historical Interpretation to the Propaganda Context Based on the Investigation of People's Daily and Kaifeng Daily

The investigation provides an overall image for us to understand Jiao Yulu's learning activities carried out in 1966 by the central and local governments.The Jiao Yulu's learning activities in 1966 are the result of combining the individual will and the government will and the enhancement of the activities is a perfect unification between the central […]

Research on Context-based Information Fusion Model

This paper defines the connotation of context-based information fusion and explores its process of fusion. It also proposes a universal context-based information fusion model. In order to solve complex decision problems, this model gathers multi-source context information related to user's decision and builds a context model and seeks to intelligently distribute contextual knowledge and prior […]