Discussion on reasons of electric furnace graphite electrode consumption and its control measures

The reasons of the electric furnace graphite electrode consumption were analyzed.The results showed that additional loss of graphite electrode is further beyond its real usage,because the side oxidation of graphite electrode and electrode break accounted for a large proportion.Control measures for reducing the consumption of graphite electrode by change operation mode were analyzed.


The mechanism of consumption of graphite electrode in LF furnace is introduced. With measures´╝Üreformation in automatic adjust of electrode moving up or dow n,LF furnace hot slag circular utilization,LF furnace water- cooling cover structure reformation,applying electrode antioxidant paint,the consumption of electrode reduced from 0. 35 to 0. 25 kg per ton of steel,good effect got.

A Algorithm CSMA/CA Mechanism Used in Bridge Monitoring Network

For long transmission delay of emergency high priority node and low node energy consumption utilization ratio in on– line Management ´╝ć Monitoring System of CPU exposed in field testing at the airport, energy optimization mechanism based on priority scheduling approach is adopted to adjust the parameters of CSMA/CA algorithm on MAC layer protocol of wireless […]

Discussion on effective measures to reduce natural gas consumption in prebaked anode baking furnace

In anode roasting, natural gas is the main consumable, and its consumption is the main reason that affects economic benefits. In the process of anode roasting, the waste is reduced as far as possible without affecting the reasonable demand, and the economic benefits of the enterprise are increased without wasting resources. Therefore, the burning method […]