The Process Practice of Modern Oxygen Enrichment Top-Blown Lead Smelting Process and its Compatibility with Raw Ore

The oxygen enrichment top – blown lead smelting furnace has the stronger compatibility for all kinds of lead material with complex composition, which has been successfully processed various lead concentrate and the secondary slag materials since the furnace put into operation, and the industrialization is accomplished. The strong compatibility, high economy, environmental protection and social […]

Effects of Angelica sinensis compatibility of different herbs of warm channel on promoting blood circulation in rats with cold coagulation blood stasis

Objective To compare the similarities and differences of their blood-activating effects by observing the hemodynamics,hemorheology and pathological changes of heart in cold coagulation and blood stasis model rats with Angelica sinensis compatible with different herbs of warm channel.Methods The rat model of cold coagulation and blood stasis was established by subcutaneous injection of epinephrine hydrochloride […]

Compatibility of Condensate Polishing Resin with Dodecylamine in Nuclear Power Plant

In pressurized water reactors,utilizing dodecylamine(DDA)can reduce the deposition of corrosion significantly in steam generator,and ethanolamine(ETA)+DDA is a promising water condition in secondary circuit,but DDA might contaminate the condensate polishing resin.Three kinds of resins were chosen to carry out series of pollution experiments under different concentrations of DDA/ETA+DDA at 25,40 and 55℃,and circulation pollution and recover […]

Thermal Analysis of Interaction of Na2·cis-BNT and G2·frans-BNT withSome Energetic Components

The compatibility of sodium and guanidinium salts of bis (3- (5 -nitro -1 , 2 , 4-triazole)) (Na2 ·cis-BNT, G2·trans-BNT) with cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine(RDX) cyclotetramethyle-netetranitroamineCHMX) and3,3-diaz-idomethyl oxetane-glycidyl azide polymer(BAMO-GAP) , and the thermal behaviors of the mixture system were in-vestigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetry- derivative thermogravimetry (TG-DTG). The effect of sample preparation methods (grinding […]