Neutron Transport Study Based on Assembly Modular Ray Tracing MOC Method

it is difficulty for the MOC method based on Cell Modular Ray Tracing to deal with the irregular geometry such as the water gap between the PWR lattices. Hence, the neutron transport code NECP-Medlar based on Assembly Modular Ray Tracing is developed. CMFD method is used to accelerate the transport calculation. The numerical results of […]

Development and Validation of CMFD Acceleration Calculation Module for 2D MOC

Several acceleration methods for 2D method of characteristics (MOC) are encoded in DRAGON code. However, the coarse mesh finite difference (CMFD) acceleration method with high speedup is not applied. In order to accelerate the 2D MOC calculation in DRAGON with higher speedup, the CMFD acceleration calculation module was developed and its stabilization was also studied. […]