Clinical Analysis of Sodium Creatine Phosphate in the Treatment of Viral Myocarditis in Children

Objective To compare the therapeutic effects of the former treatment of children with viral myocarditis and the treatment of sodium creatine phosphate alone, and to evaluate the therapeutic effect of the former. Methods In this study, the author randomly selected the patients with viral myocarditis who were admitted to Chongqing Weinan District Chinese Medicine Hospital […]

Research progress of pharmacological action and clinical application of rebamipide

In recent years,several basic and clinical studies are performed about the effect of rebamipide,a pro-tective agent of gastric mucosa,on functional dyspepsia,chronic gastritis,NSAID-induced gastrointestinal injuries,gastric ulcer after eradication therapy for Helicobacter pylori,gastric ulcer after endoscopic surgery and ulcerative colitis.In addition,the multiple pharmacological action of rebamipide is discussed by the mechanism of molecular levels.The article summarizes pharmacological […]

Anti-cancer effects of Herba Duchesnea Indica and Its Clinical Application

Herba Duchesnea Indica is the dried whole plant of Duchesnea indica(Andr.)Focke.The efficacy of Herba Duchesnea Indica are heat-clearing and detoxicating,dissipating stasis and detumescence,and cooling blood and hemostasis.The main compounds of Herba Duchesnea Indica include ducheside A and B,ursolic acid,oleanolic acid,β-sitosterol,rosolic acid,p-hydroxycinnamic acid and apigenin.Herba Duchesnea Indica can inhibit cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth,arrest cell […]

Advances in Experimental Research and Clinical Application of Hibisci Mutabilis Folium

As a traditional Chinese medicine,Hibisci mutabilis folium plays an important role in the treatment of diseases.It has the effects of cooling blood,detoxification,detumescence,pain relief and so on.It is widely used in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine.This article reviews the relative research and clinical application of Hibisci mutabilis folium in order to arouse the attention of […]

The Value of Color Doppler Echocardiography in the Diagnosis of Chronic Heart Failure With Multiple Causes

Objective To explore the clinical effect of color doppler ultrasound in the diagnosis of multi-cause chronic heart failure. Methods 451 patients with multi-cause chronic heart failure admitted to our hospital from December 2016 to December 2018 were selected as the experimental group, and 449 healthy people who came to our hospital for examination during the […]