Research on Armored Vehicle Classification Based on EMD of Noise Signal

In order to identify the ground battlefield armored vehicle target through passive acoustic recognition,this paper selects representative objectives include two kinds of tanks and two kinds of crawler armored vehicle as the noise acquisition,and collects noise signal of target in different working conditions,and decomposes the noise signal with the EMD method,which can provide the IMF […]

Research on path planning method of water quality monitoring USV

When the water quality monitoring USV monitors the problem waters,due to terrain or weather reasons,the staff cannot monitor the water quality monitoring of the USV in real time.The USV's autonomous path planning is required to detect the water level.In view of the above problems,this article proposes to use the USV to obtain the distribution information […]

Concentrate Grade Prediction of Gold Ore Based on GA-BP Neural Network

Two prediction models for concentrate grade of gold mine were established respectively by using BP neural network and GA-BP neural network method on the basis of investigation in actual production. 978 groups of data were gathered from actual production, from which the 770 groups was selected for establishing the models, among which 120 groups was […]

Chlorophyll Content Detection and Distribution Research of Maize Canopy Based on UAV Image

Chlorophyll is an important indicator for the evaluation of plant photosynthesis ability and growth status.In order to obtain the spatial distribution of chlorophyll content in field crops quickly and non-destructively,the chlorophyll content detection and distribution map drawing method of maize canopy were carried out based on UAV remote sensing technology.Firstly,the aerial images of 150 maize […]

Communication Training Examining and Evaluating Method Based on BP Neural Network

For the examining and evaluating of communication training ,the basic influence factors of the quality in the commu‐nication training are anlyzed ,and the multi‐level examining and evaluating index of the communication is built .It operates the mathe‐matical analysis model using BP neural network evaluating method to complete the implementation of the program model to verify […]

Load prediction model for ultra-supercritical turbine power unit considering regenerative cycle characteristics

Taking an ultra supercritical 1000 MW unit as the object,the factors influencing the unit load were analyzed in detail.By reasonably selecting the model input parameters and applying a BP neural network with n-order time-delayed inputs and m-order time-delayed output feedback,the unit load prediction model which takes the regenerative cycle characteristics into account was established.Moreover,various perturbation […]

Analysis of the Kinematic Characteristic on the Aircraft Gun Accelerator Based on BP Neural Network

The kinematic characteristic of aircraft gun accelerator is analyzed and investigated.The kinematic curve of accelerator idler wheel is mapped,and is fitted by BP neural network.The restriction relation between the kinetic parts.The kinematic characteristic of accelerator is simulated and calculated by Matlab,and the results of simulation are analyzed.A theory reference is offered for further investigating the […]

Application of BP Neural Network in Glass Defect Recognition

In the glass defect recognition system, BP neural network structure is designed by usi-ng the basic principle of BP neural network combined with characteristic parameters. In order to more accurately identify the surface defects of glass, this paper proposes a method of adding mo-mentum factor, introducing steepness factor and adaptive learning efficiency based on the […]