Practice on the furnace linging management in No.8 BF of WISCO

The main factors for the effect of No.8furnace linging were analysised considering of its own characteristics and the condition of raw materials and fuels.Some management measures were summed up,such as:optimizing burden structure,narrowing inlet blast area,control of demineralized water inlet water temperature and temperature difference,the optimization of burden distribution control distribution of gas flow in blast […]

The Adaptability Improvement of Blast Furnace Feeding System in the Ironmaking Plant

There were some problems existing after BF sintering ore feeding system was put into operation, which affected the normal operation of feeding system. Through technical innovation of equipments on the spot, the production process was more reasonable, the transmission capacity was steadily improved, and the reliability was significantly enhanced.

Treatment for the main feed belt tearing accident of No. 5 BF of Esteel

Main feed belt longitudinal tearing accident occurred suddenly at No. 5 BF of Esteel. Process and causes of the accident were analyzed. In the absence of spare belt, emergency treatment measures were carried out to keep feeding, and blast furnace operations were maintained and adjusted to avoid long term unplanned blowing down. Eventually, the furnace […]


Blowing off with discharging is the premise operation of overhauling and mid-repair in blast furnace,and the efficient and safe operation is a basic requirement in lowering charge level.With the increasing demand for the environmental protection,how to reduce diffusion and noises has become the core task in the operation.The exhaust-time to the air has been reduced […]

Influence Analyse of Raw Fuel Change on Blast Furnace Condition of Jiuquan Steel

Because of the continuous price rising and quality deterioration of raw fuel since the second half of 2017, the technical and economic indicators of blast furnace of Jiuquan steel have been worsened. All kinds of consumption remains high level and it shows a continuous increasing trend which causing significant increasing cost of pig iron. The […]

General Layout & Transportation Design of No.1 & 2 Blast Furnaces Revamping & Upgrading Project in Jiuquan Steel

As to No.1 2 blast furnaces revamping and upgrading project in Jiuquan Steel, through analysis on functional division and area utilization, general layout scheme determination and discussion on advantages and disadvantages of the scheme, this paper describes the general layout design optimization of the plant in details. The scheme has compact layout, reasonable process flow, […]

The blast furnace airtight case turns round and supports crash analysis

Summary: It is great that the blast furnace furnace roof airtight case turns round and supports the load born the weight of, the operating mode is abominable, it is apt to damage, support and carry on vibration, oil spectrum and material to analyze to the gyration that one factory damages that shows, turn round, support, […]