God’s Way Day By Day

Internationally-acclaimed author and preacher Charles Stanley adds to his impressive legacy with a year’s worth of devotionals drawn from his previous writings including best-sellers Success God’s Way, Seeking His Face, and Enter His Gates. This best-selling devotional is loaded with life-changing thoughts and beautiful four-color illustrations. Divided into twelve months but not dated for a […]

The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara and Other Captured Documents People AZ G Guevara Che Daniel James Cooper Square Press

If you are caught up with the Che Guevara affair, this book will fascinate and probably disturb you. (The Economist ) No amount of scandal or intrigue will tarnish Che Guevara’s Bolivian diaries or prevent them from being read as one of the most transcendent documents of our time. More than simple war journals, they […]

The Sum of All Fears Berkley Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan confronts terrorists in the Middle East in Tom Clancy’s spectacular sixth novel — another Sunday Times No 1 bestseller — now reissued with a new cover. As those in power around the globe face up to the challenges of a new world order, in Washington CIA Deputy Director Jack Ryan is putting everything […]

Calder Born Calder Bred Pocket Janet Dailey

Ty Calder was a stranger to the mighty empire that was his legacy — the ranchlands that rose to meet the Montana skies. He learned the ways of ranch life from young Jessy, who knew the land her own heart. But Ty worshiped dark, glamorous Tara, scion of the new “corporate West,” of vast power […]

Alexander the Great: Historical Sources in Translation WileyBlackwell 1 edition Waldemar Heckel

This source book presents new translations of the most important ancient writings on the life and legacy of Alexander the Great. Provides comprehensive coverage of Alexander, from his family background to his military conquests, death and legacy. Includes substantial extracts of texts written by historians, geographers, biographers and military writers.A general introduction and introductions to […]

Thurgood Marshall: His Speeches Writings Arguments Opinions and Reminiscences Lawrence Hill Books Mark V. Tushnet

Much has been written about Thurgood Marshall, but this is the first book to collect his own words. Here are briefs he filed as a lawyer, oral arguments for the landmark school desegregation cases, investigative reports on race riots and racism in the Army, speeches and articles outlining the history of civil rights and criticizing […]

Machiavelli’s God Princeton University Press Maurizio Viroli

To many readers of The Prince, Machiavelli appears to be deeply un-Christian or even anti-Christian, a cynic who thinks rulers should use religion only to keep their subjects in check. But in Machiavelli’s God, Maurizio Viroli, one of the world’s leading authorities on Machiavelli, argues that Machiavelli, far from opposing Christianity, thought it was crucial […]

The Long Bitter Trail: Andrew Jackson and the Indians People AZ J Jackson Andrew Anthony F. C. Wallace Hill and Wang

Wallace, who won a Bancroft Prize in 1978 for Rockdale: The Growth of an American Village , turns to Native American history in this retelling of the story of the Trail of Tears. This refers to the forced removal in the 1830s of thousands of Indians, particularly the Cherokee and the Choctaw, from the American […]

Mirror Image Dell Danielle Steel

To look at one was to see the other. For family, even the girls’ own father, it was a constant guessing game. For strangers, the surprise was overwhelming. And for the twins Olivia and Victoria Henderson, two remarkable young women coming of age at the turn of the century, their bond was mysterious, marvelous, and […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Journey to the South of France Stewart Tabori & Chang Roy Moore

The authors have taken the same route that Thomas Jefferson followed in 1787, recording on photographs the images and scenes he viewed some 200 years earlier. These are complemented with excerpts from his notes and letters.’ This is no ordinary coffee-table book. It combines all the luscious photographs one would expect along with features that […]