Field Guide to the Mammals of the Indian Subcontinent: Where to Watch Mammals in India Nepal Bhutan Bangladesh Sri Lanka and Pakistan Asia Bangladesh K. K. Gurung Academic Press 1st edition

* An authoritative and beautifully illustrated field guide to the larger mammals of the Indian subcontinent.* Includes almost all the species that can be identified in the field easily.* Concise descriptions of each species, including identification, habitat, range, behaviour, diet, breeding, status, and similar species.* Describes and maps all the finest national parks and protected […]

Dead Reckoning: Memories of the 1971 Bangladesh War Asia Bangladesh Sarmila Bose Columbia University Press

History emerges only slowly from the passion-filled context of contemporary events. Sarmila Bose’s book sets Bangladesh’s struggle for liberation at the start of this long passage. (David Washbrook, Trinity College, Cambridge ) The ‘Events in Pakistan, 1971,’ as the International Commission of Jurists called its report on the subject, have been an enduring source of […]

Shadow of the Sultan’s Realm: The Destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East Asia Turkey Daniel Allen Butler Potomac Books Inc.

Daniel Allen Butler is the bestselling author of many books, including Unsinkable: The Full Story of RMS Titanic (1998); Distant Victory: The Battle of Jutland and the Allied Triumph in the First World War (2006); and The First Jihad: The Battle for Khartoum and the Dawn of Militant Islam (2007). He lives in Culver City, […]

Lost Explorer Asia Nepal Conrad Anker Robinson Publishing MD

Galen Rowell photographer, writer, and mountaineer An enigma for seventy-five years, George Leigh Mallory comes alive through the very separate personal connections of Conrad Anker and David Roberts, great mountaineers in their own right, who weave a spellbinding tale. –This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition. David Roberts worked in publishing for over thirty […]

Flavours of Byzantium Asia Turkey Andrew Dal Prospect Books

Andrew Dalby is a classical scholar, food historian and student of languages. This is a study of the food that was eaten at the court of the Eastern Roman Empire at Constantinople in the Middle Ages. For centuries it has tempted and fascinated the West, yet very little has been written in English about the […]

The Indonesia Reader: History Culture Politics Asia Indonesia Tineke Hellwig Duke University Press Books

Editors Hellwig (Asian studies, Univ. of British Columbia; In the Shadow of Change: Images of Women in Indonesian Literature) and Tagliacozzo (history & Asian studies, Cornell Univ.; Secret Trades, Porous Borders: Smuggling and States Along a Southeast Asian Frontier, 1865–1915) here introduce the understudied nation of Indonesia. Reading their book is like exploring an eclectic, […]

Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold Asia Japan Sterling Seagrave Verso Revised edition

The Seagraves, bestselling authors (Lords of the Rim, etc.), contend that Japan systematically looted the entire continent of Asia during WWII, seizing billions in precious metals, gems and artworks. Further, according to the authors, from war’s end to the present, the looted treasure, used by President Truman to create a secret slush fund to fight […]

Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam Asia Southeast Andrew X. Pham Picador 1St Edition edition

A great memoirist can burnish even an ordinary childhood into something bright–see, for instance, Annie Dillard’s An American Childhood. So what about a really good writer with access to a dramatic and little-documented story? This is the case with Catfish and Mandala, Vietnamese American Andrew X. Pham’s captivating first book, which delves fearlessly into questions […]

Acceptable Loss History Asia Southeast Asia Kregg P. Jorgenson Ivy Books 1ST edition

The true-to-life story of a Ranger who volunteered to serve on a Blue Team in the Air Cavalry, racing to the aid of soldiers who faced the same dangers he had barely survived in the jungles of Vietnam. Whether enduring NVA sniper attacks, surviving “friendly” fire, or landing in hot LZs, Jorgenson discovered that in […]

Singapore: Wealth Power and the Culture of Control Asia Singapore Carl Trocki Routledge New edition edition

Carl Trocki offers a refreshingly different look at Singapores colonial and postcolonial history. – Far Eastern Economic Review –This text refers to the Hardcover edition. Queensland University of Technology, Australia Thisvolume examines Singapores culture of control, exploring the city-states colonial heritage as well as the forces that have helped to mould its current social landscape. […]