Neutron Transport Study Based on Assembly Modular Ray Tracing MOC Method

it is difficulty for the MOC method based on Cell Modular Ray Tracing to deal with the irregular geometry such as the water gap between the PWR lattices. Hence, the neutron transport code NECP-Medlar based on Assembly Modular Ray Tracing is developed. CMFD method is used to accelerate the transport calculation. The numerical results of […]

Tracking Studying on ATLAS's UV-Accelerated Weathering System

The structure composition and function of Atlas' s UV-accelerated weathering system were analyzed in detail in this paper. At the same time, by comparing the UV radiant exposure of the sample on the ultra-accelerated device in a single year exposure with that in a SAE J2527 xenon arc exposure in 45° South Florida measured using […]

Complex Two-degree-of-freedom Method and Testing Investigation for Force limited Specification

Among the vibration tests of spacecraft,the acceleration is usually the only specification in traditional test method which generally results in overtesting problem. The force limiting can solve this problem well by dual control of the acceleration and force. Force specification is the foundation of the force limited vibration test. The principle of complex two-degree-of-freedom method […]

A Coprocessor for Double-Precision Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication

Matrix multiplication has been widely used in various application fields,especially the field of numerical computation.However,double-precision floating-point matrix multiplication suffers from non-optimal performance or efficiency on contemporary computing platforms,including CPU,GPGPU and FPGA.To address this problem,acceleration of double-precision floating-point matrix multiplication with a customized coprocessor is proposed in this paper,which adopts linear array as the basic building […]

Relativity and Acceleration Verification of Multi-factors Integrated Marine Climate Natural Accelerated Test Technologies

Objective To verify the relativity and acceleration of multi-factors integrated marine climate natural accelerated test technologies to outdoor exposure test in tropic marine climate. Methods Multi-factors integrated marine climate natural accelerated test device, relative enterprise standards as well as traditional marine climate outdoor exposure were adopted to test and verify automobile fasteners of different surface […]

Study about frequency of pass filter in the measurement of pyroshock environment

Characteristics ofpyroshock environment on space rocket are given in this paper. Some problems on measurement of pyroshock environment and the necessity of low pass filters in measurement system are also described here. Finally, an example is provided to illuminate the influence of different low pass filter cutoff frequency on the data analysis results.

Modeling Simulation and Performance Optimization Analysis of Aviation Ammunition Ejection with Cold Gas

Aiming at the problems of pollution and corrosion equipment for blank cartridge ejection device, in this paper, a new type of aviation ammunition cold ejection device with compressed air was established and it can compress air automatically. In order to reduce the maximum acceleration of aviation ammunition, the mathematical model of this cold air ejection […]