System Design of Quadcopters

Quadcopter,as the most popular aircraft,are widely used in security and fire safety fields due to their small volume,light mass,flexibility,portability,high maneuverability and ability to work in all kinds of adverse environments.In this design,Arduino board is used as the control core of a quadcopter,with its hardware system consisting of 6-axis movement processing component MPU6050,bluetooth module HC-05,4 brushless DC motors,4 groups of electronic speed governors,4 propellers,F450 airframe and lithium batteries,with the Arduino board used to read the voltage variation of three axes in MPU6050,stable voltage values obtained after filtration by a low-pass filter,followed by conversion to angles.The parameters of PID controllers are set in MultiWiiConf flight configuration software to correct the attitude control quadcopters and enable the state output of aircraft to realize attitude stability with a limited period of time.