Sub bearing of the roller of cylinder of Gongzhuling

Shake the related bearing of the whole bus of heavy vapour of Manufacturing Co., Ltd’s professional manufacturing of the bearing of car of China in Gongzhuling:
Manage brands mainly: Shake the bearing of car of China in Gongzhuling, the bearing of Wafangdian Temkin! Accept OEM order
Main products: Related bearing of the whole car of heavy vapour,

The First Automobile Factory of China, east wind, liberation, the vapour, bold and fertile, Hongyan, Europe are graceful, trailer, gearbox bearing of Shan

The taper rolls sub bearing, various nonstandard bearing, car clutch bearing, heavy vapour car bearing, 0 kinds of bearings,etc..

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The name of product: Sub bearing of the roller of cylinder of Gongzhuling New type: NU314N old type: 99014320257 internal diameters: 70( mm) ( mm) External diameter: 150( mm) ( mm) Bearing material: Become rusty bearing steel AISI440(9Cr18) Use: Common Type: Sub bearing of the cylinder roller

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