Study on Zinc Balance of Sinter and Blast Furnace and Its Control Measures

The zinc balance of 2 500 m~3 BF ironmaking and corresponding sintering process is studied in Xinyu Steel. Results show that the amount of zinc into the blast furnace of 1. 055 kg/t,is mainly composed of sinter and pellet among then,the sinter carries 84% of the total amount of zinc. Zinc blast furnace is mainly discharged through bag dust( accounting for 89% of the total discharge).IN 1. 162 kg/t zinc is carried in sintering process,mainly comes from blending materials,internal cold back to mine and dust( accounting for 97. 47% of the total),discharged by the sinter and recovery of zinc ore( accounting for 95. 92% of the total discharge). According to the actual production situation in Xinyu Steel,the measures to reduce the amount of zinc and increase the amount of zinc are put forward.