Study on the Preparation of Pure Titanium by Titanium Hydride Powder Sintering

The pure titanium was prepared by pressing-sintering(dehydrogenation)process with using titanium hydride powder instead of traditional hydrogen dehydrogenation(HDH)titanium powder in the experiment.The effect of sintering temperature and sintering time on the relative density of pure titanium was studied,and the optimum technological conditions for the preparation of pure titanium were determined.Eventually determine hydrogenated titanium powder sintering the optimal parameters for pure titanium:10℃/min of heating rate,the sintering temperature is 1 200℃,and the sintering time is 4h.The sintered pure titanium was prepared in the experiment conforms to the provisions of grade 4in the standard of ASTM B348,the average tensile strengthσbof sintered parts can reach 601.7MPa,the average elongationδis 20%,and the cross-section contraction rateψis 25.67%.