Study on the isolation,identification and drug resistance of main pathogenic bacteria in dairy cow mastitis

In order to understand the microflora distribution and drug resistance of the pathogenic bacteria of cow mastitis,a one-year pathogen isolation and identification and drug resistance study was conducted in a dairy farm in Hubei Province.The results showed that 235 strains of pathogens belonging to16 genera of 9 families were isolated from 165 milk samples.Among them,83 strains were Staphylococcus,accounting for 35%;36 strains were Protothecazopfii,accounting for 13.5%;28 strains were Acinetobacterrubrum,accounting for 11.9%;12 strains were Escherichia coli,accounting for 5.1%;7 strains were Streptococcusdysgalactiae,accounting for 2.9%;and other strains accounting for 31.6%.The results of drug resistance test showed that 20 isolates had different degrees of drug resistance to the 14 antibiotics tested.The pathogen is resistant to at least one drug,and the highest is resistant to 14 drugs.The most sensitive antibiotic is florfenicol,with a sensitive rate of 75%.The results provide a fundamental data for the prevention and control the dairy cow mastitis and clinical medication.