Study on determination of gold and silver contents in high-grade cyanide solution by absorption-reduction catalysis method

In order to accurately determine the content of gold and silver in high-grade cyanide solution and simplify producing process,both of the activated carbon fiber and zinc powder were used to analyze and detect the gold and silver contents.Firstly,gold and silver in high-grade cyanide solution were absorbed by activated carbon fiber.Secondly,the activated carbon fiber was carbonized and the ash content was dissolved into aqua regia.The remaining cyanide solution with a little gold and silver was reduced by zinc powder and reducing residue was dissolved in aqua regia.Finally,determination was performed by ICP-AES after mixing the two aqua regia solutions.The recovery rates of this method were 99.97%-100.01%for gold,and 99.99%-100.06%for silver(The recovery rate of gold and silver exceeds 100%due to fluctuation of the environmental conditions and standard series during the use of the spectrum equipment).