Study on Clinical Teaching Methods of Outpatient Head Nurses in Maternity Hospital

The characteristics of maternity hospital business not only determine that the relevant nurses must meet stricter standards,but also make the teaching of nursing students different from other departments.To improve the teaching level of the head nurses of maternity hospitals and eliminate the unfavorable factors,we should seriously implement the training of the students,familiarize the nursing students with the actual scenes of the ward and inform the placement of conventional supplies,strengthen the risk awareness,and pay attention to the outpatient care business ability.Pay attention to the influence of the quality of nursing teachers on the teaching effect,strengthen the labor discipline management of nursing students,strictly control the standards,and improve the level of nursing.At the same time,it is necessary to cultivate legal awareness of nursing students and reduce errors in outpatient care.The outpatient head nurse should pay attention to the improvement of teaching level,observe the subtle operation of teaching,and find out and eliminate the unfavorable factors in teaching.