Study of Growth and Development of F1 Improved Local Cattle in Dangchang by Simmental Cattle

In recent years, a large number of fine beef cattle frozen semen have been introduced into Tongwei county, frozen improved with local beef cattle. In order to improve the effect of crossbreeding of beef cattle, to increase the economic benefit of monomers and increase the income of cattle raising by farmers, this experiment was carried out to improve the local beef cattle by crossbreeding with imported beef cattle. In Tongwei county, Charolais as male parent and Xiben hybrid cattle as female parent, the primary weight and average daily gain of the first generation of crossbred beef cattle reached 36.4 kg, 689.3 g, respectively. 18-month-old Xiaxiben cattle body height reached 146.4 cm, the body oblique length reached 158.8 cm, the chest circumference reached 192.8 cm, the tube circumference reached 20.2 cm. Compared with Lixiben cattle, 18-month-old Xiaxiben cattle body height increased by 15.8%, the body oblique length increased by 14.7%, and the chest circumference increased by 17.0%. The perimeter increased by 5.7%. Therefore, Charolais as the terminal male parent, Simmental and local yellow cattle hybrid F1 as female parent, the hybrid improvement was developed, the growth speed was fast, the individuals were larger, could improve the economic benefit of the trihybrid beef cattle.