Statistical Analysis on Distribution of Natural Low Temperature in China

Objective To provide some guidance for equipment design and maintenance in low-temperature servicing areas in China. Methods Consecutive years of low-temperature data in 125 meteorological stations of plateau and northern China was collected to for statistical analysis. Referring to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G and the UK defense standard DEF STAN 00-35, and combining with the low-temperature environment in China and the practical status of the existing meteorological data, the low-temperature environment in China was classified, and the statistical data of the low-temperature environment was analyzed. Results The low-temperature environment in China was divided into six types: Co, 〉-9 ℃ ; C1, -19 – -10 ℃ ; C2, -29 ~ -20 ℃ ; C3, -39 – -30 ℃ ; C4, -49 – -40 ℃ ; C4, 〈 -50 ℃. Conclusion The distribution map of low-temperature regions in the mainland of China was given, and it was useful for the development of weapons for service under low-temperature conditions.