SR133ZZ stainless steel bearing

SR133ZZ stainless steel bearing

Bearing type: Stainless steel bearing
Material: AISI SUS440C (9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18)
Product performance: Antirust, is able to bear corrosion
Brand: BCH
Price: Personally discuss – great favour of quantity
Quantity: 21000
The delivery date: Stock

Product introduction

[SR133zz ] applicable scope
Collar of the products and rolling element material adopt AISI SUS440C (9Cr18Mo or 9Cr18) ,It quench let vacuum deal with,retainer and seal ring skeleton material last USU304. Apply to all kinds of micromachine, body-building apparatus, cooling-down fan, instrument, computer, precision instrument, mechanical equipment extensively, household electrical appliance, medical equipment, fishing tackle, top-grade toy, ATM machine, fields such as the currency count machine,etc., the stainless steel bearing compares with bearing steel, there is more strongly antirusting, defending the corrosivity, choose appropriate lubricant, dust cap,etc., can use at – 60 ¡æ- 300 ¡æ environment. The stainless steel rolling element by special-purpose processing, toughness is good, extremely wear-resisting, the life-span reaches the foreign similar level. One hundred stainless steel bearings of Sichuan have good oxidative stability at the same time; Corrosion resistance
[SR133zz ] characteristic characteristic
Able to bear corrosion, characteristics such as antirusting, high precision, rotating precision high, low frictional torque, low sealing property, high-speed operational performance that shakes, fine with low noise, longe-lived,etc.
[SR133zz ] technical parameter
SR133zz bearing
Internal diameter (d) 2.38mm
External diameter (D) 4.762mm
Width (B) The open system 1.588 is closed 2.38
The form of seal of the sealed type includes metal seal, the open system bearing.
Material SUS440C
Basic amount moves load Cr(N) 144
Quiet load Cor(N) of basic amount 53
Terminal the rotational speed ‘ Grease lubrication) (X1000 RPM) 80
Terminal the rotational speed ‘ Oil lubrication) (X1000 RPM) 95
[SR133zz ] relevant type
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Stainless steel flange series: SFR1-4zz, SFR133zz, SFR1-5zz, SFR144zz, SFR2-5zz, SFR2-6zz, SFR2zz, SFR2Azz, SFR155zz, SFR156zz, SFR166zz, SFR3zz, SFR3Azz, SFR168zz, SFR188zz, SFR4zz, SFR4Azz, SFR1810zz, SFR6zz, SFR1038zz, SFR1212zz, SF682zz, SMF52zz, SF692zz, SMF62zz, SMF72zz, SF682zz, SF692ZZ, SMF63zz, SF683zz, SF693zz, SMF93ZZ, SF623zz, SMF74zz, SMF84zz, SF684zz, SMF104zz, SF694zz, SF604zz, SF624zz, SMF85zz, SMF95zz, SMF105zz, SMF115zz, SF685zz, SF695zz, SF605zz, SF625zz, SF635zz, SMF106zz, MF126zz, F686zz, SF696zz, SMF128zz, SMF148zz, SF688zz, SF698zz, SF689zz, SF699zz, SMF117ZZ, SMF137ZZ

One hundred bearing scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Sichuans in Ningbo

Ningbo one hundred bearing scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Sichuans lie in Ningbo ——-The microminiature most important industry area of ball bearing of major groove of China, produces all kinds of accurate microminiature ball bearings of major groove mainly, stainless steel bearing, the bearing of the track roller, flange bearing, the miniature bearing,etc.. The company was established in 2011, after several years of development, one hundred Sichuan bearing rely on stable quality, price, stable delivery of favour reach quality standard to substitute the import the bearing already. The products are applied to all kinds of micromachines extensively, fields such as currency count machine, household electrical appliance, body-building apparatus, telecom apparatus, instrument, computer, car electrical machinery, precision instrument, mechanical equipment,etc.. ” BCH” The brand bearing will rank among the bearing brand of the world!

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