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Bearing (Bearing) It is a kind of important spare part in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical solid of revolution, reduces the coefficient of friction (friction coefficient) in its rate process ,And guarantee it turns precision (accuracy) round .
Rub the difference of properties according to the movement component, the bearing can be divided into an antifriction bearing and big class of the sliding bearing two. Among them antifriction bearings have been already canonicalization, seriation, but compare with sliding bearing its radial size, vibration and noise are relatively great, great too of the price.
The antifriction bearing is generally made up of outer lane, inner circle, rolling element and part of retainer four, it is made up of outer lane, inner circle, rolling element, retainer, sealing, major possession of lubricating oil six that it is said that rigorous. To put it briefly, so long as can be defined as the antifriction bearing when possessing outer lane, inner circle, rolling element. According to the shape of the rolling element, the antifriction bearing is divided into ball bearing and roller bearing two big class.

Install and safeguard
Pay attention to the main point
Guarantee from using the angle the bearing should pay attention to the following several points to work reliably:
1,Improve lubricated quality, control the pressure, temperature and flowrate of the engine oil, strengthen the engine oil to filtrate.
2,It accords with specified fuel and lubricating oil to adopt.
3,Control the temperature state of the diesel generator set, it is all unfavorable to work in with overheated supercooling cases. Leng Tian, the diesel engine should be preheated first before start, and rotated the crankshaft by hand to make the engine oil enter and grit the surface.
4,The bearing, journal surface condition and geometric shape should get the assurance strictly.
5,The bearing clearance should be appropriate, the generating set over assaults, too lubricate badly small, may burn tiles.

The manufacturing approach of the ball bearing of major groove: 1, The outer lane of the cycle sum while processing into by the unloading of bearing steel, pass, unloading, ditching, heat treatment, inside and outside rub,unless flat evil spirit, grind,it is separate to put by ball by retainer, lubricate, packaging, completion.
2,The outer lane is put well, then reput the inner circle. Here, set in the intersection of outer lane and inside inner circle free, then put into the steel ball. Make and work well the retainer fixed steel spherical seat.
3,In the bearing trade, put the steel ball the middle the Internal and external cycle this process is named ” assemble ” Or ” shut one ” . Get the Internal and external cycle ready, the inner circle is by putting on one side; Put the steel ball; Divide ball, with bring to divide ball device into, separate evenly steel ball small claw; Lay retainers and rivet sum of the bivalve retainer.
4,There is the one that pretends in actual production fully, usually hold ball gaps. Can see that hold ball gaps on one side, the steel ball is filled out from that gap, but the ability that this kind of bearing bears the axial load is smaller, there are less ones that used.
5,The ball bearing of major groove is mainly divided for the Internal and external cycle, steel ball, the retainer, seal ring (dust cap) .
6,The ball bearing of major groove is the most ordinary kind of type in antifriction bearing. The ball bearing of major groove of the basic model is by an outer lane, an inner circle, a series of steel balls and a series of retainers are constructed. The ball bearing type of major groove has two kinds of unilines and biserials, ball structure of major groove is also divided into two kinds of structure of sealing and open system, the open system refers to the bearing without containment structure, the major groove ball of the sealed is divided into and sealed and defended oil-tight dustproofly.

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