Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing 2301 bearing

The bearing of the Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing 2301 sells brief introduction in batches:

Sino-Kazakhstan the intersection of HZB bearing 2301 and bearing authorize for dispatch inner circle, have two roll dish, outer lane get away dish as inner sphere shape, there are two steel balls, have performance of adjusting the heart automatically. Can compensate because one degree of errors of co-axle that produces out of shape of bending and shell of the axle automatically, mainly bear the radial load, can bear smaller axial load at the same time. Axle (outer cover) Confining to limit of backlash displacement,it is transfer by performance on heart not to have automatically, allow, as to slope under the big condition working normally, suitable for, support of hole, can’t guarantee co-axle in the part of degree strictly by periphery. While bearing the radial loadedly, can also bear the axial load of small quantity, not usually using for bearing the purely axial load, such as bearing the purely axial load, only one row steel ball receives the force.
The Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing 2301 bearing sells the parameter in batches: New type: 2301 internal diameters: 12; External diameter: Thickness 37: Weight 17: 0.095 brands: HZB, the Sino-Kazakhstan series in Harbin: Adjust the heart ball bearing, want the relevant information that more Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing 2301 bearings of understanding sell in batches, can consult or dial the hot line telephone online, we will serve you in detail.

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB adjusts the structure of the heart ball bearing

It has two kinds of structure of cylinder hole and taper hole to adjust the heart ball bearing that based on structure, the material which keeps the shelf is stencil plates, synthetic resin,etc.. It features the outer lane rolls one takes the form of sphere, adjust the disposition, the error that can compensate different heart degree and axle deflection causes automatically, but its inner, relative gradient of outer lane can’t exceed 3 degrees.

Take the dustproof lid and take adjusting the heart ball bearing to already fill in right amount of lubricating grease while assembling of the sealed circle, needn’t wash to should not heat either before installing, use and did not need to lubricate in the course, adapt to running between temperature – 30 ¡æ to 120 ¡æ.

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB adjusts the main use of ball bearing of heart:

Suitable for electrical machinery, accurate instrument, motorcycle, car, and general machinery with low noise,etc., use the most extensive kind of bearing in the mechanical industry.

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB adjusts the suffix of heart ball bearing to define:

2RS: Take the sealed lid of both ends

K: 1/12 of the conical degree taper holes

K30: 1/30 of the conical degree taper holes

M: The machine process brass entity that the steel ball guides keeps the shelf

C3: The backlash of radial is greater than the ordinary backlash

TV: That steel ball lead glass fibre enhanced polyamide ‘ Nylon) The entity keeps the shelf

The name of product: The Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing 2301 bearing is sold in batches New type: 2301 old types: 1601 internal diameters: 12( mm) External diameter: 37( mm) Thickness: 17( mm) Weight: 0.095( kg) Use: It is suitable for bearing the heavy load and assaulting the load adjusting the heart ball bearing, trades such as accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mine with low noise, petroleum, papermaking, cement, pressing candies,etc. and general machinery,etc.. Type: Adjust the heart ball bearing

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