Singularity Analysis of Harvesting Robot

The singularity in the working space of harvesting robotic manipulator is analyzed.Firstly,the D-H parameters are used to establish the coordinate system of the harvesting robot manipulator,and then its positive equation of motion is obtained.Secondly,the Jacobian matrix is constructed by combining the positive equations of the manipulator,and then the Jacobian matrix is used to solve all the structures of the singular state of the manipulator,all singularities are obtained.Finally,by using the Robotics toolbox,the singularity of the manipulator is simulated and analyzed based on the flexibility index of maneuverability and the flexibility index of minimum singular value.The simulation results show that there are three kinds of internal singularities in the studied manipulator.At the same time,the correctness of the singularity of the manipulator is verified,which lays a foundation for the following research on the trajectory planning of the manipulator and the avoidance of the singularity point.