Simulation of Fatigue Life of a V Diesel Engine Crankshaft

In order to make the life prediction of the crankshaft strength and fatigue life when the maximum explosion pressure of a V diesel engine change from 15.5 MPa to 16.5 MPa. First we establish the dynamics model of engine in the ADAMS/engine based on engine model and parameters, and obtain the load time history data of the crank pin point, then we establish four cylinder ignition conditions finite element model of the first cylinder and the second cylinder when the maximum explosion pressure change from 15.5 MPa to 16.5 MPa. Then we calculate and get the each working condition fatigue life of the crankshaft according to the stress of all working conditions, the material s-n curve and the load time history curve. Calculation results show that the crankshaft maximum stress is less than the material fatigue limit in various operating conditions, and the stress concentration place mainly happens in the transition fillet of the connecting rod and journal, and the crankshaft life is over 1 000 hours in various working conditions.