Silver guide series on HGW45CC slippery HGW45CC bearings HIWIN

Silver straight line guide on the silver guide series on HGW45CC slippery HGW45CC bearings HIWIN Editor Focus on

Upper silver has little production of system Limited Company of large silver of Taiwan. Stem from the abbreviation of Hi-Tech Winner, the purpose is With us, you are a hi-tech winner. Mean customer use HIWIN spread the intersection of movable property and product linearly but innovative value, strengthen competitiveness, become the market winner; Certainly oneself expects to become the winner of innovative science and technology too. HIWIN is in 34 countries with industrial foundation such as China, U.S.A., Japan and Ouyang Style, finish the trade mark and register, and popularize and use continuously, nowadays HIWIN has already been one of the world-famous brands.
The guide brand HIWIN HIWIN regional Taiwan characteristic frictional force of the silver straight line is very small on the Chinese name

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The linear slide rail is that it is guided that one kind is rolling, taking advantage of being done limitlessly among slippery piece and slide rail by the steel ball rollingly is circulated, supporting the platform can move linearly with high precision easily along the slide rail. Guide looks relatively slidably with a traditional one, rolling coefficient of friction that guide can reduce to 1/50 original, reduce greatly because of the frictional force that is started, relative less invalid sports take place, so can reach ¦Ì’s m grade easily to give and make a reservation. In addition, slippery piece and bunch among the slide rail make unit, design, make linear slide rail can bear every load of direction such as being from head to foot about at the same time, the aforesaid does not display the characteristic the tradition can compare to guide to slip, so if the machine can cooperate with ball spiral shell’s pole, it is it linear slide rail to use make to guide,must can improvement by a wide margin apparatus precision and efficiencies mechanical.
While using linear slide rail as linear guide, because the friction way of the linear slide rail is the rolling friction, not merely the coefficient of friction is reduced to slip 1/50 that guided, also become very small to move the disparity between frictional force and stiction. So when the bed platform runs, there is no phenomenon skidding to take place, can reach the localization precision of ¦Ì’s m grade.

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A traditional one guide slidably, can have avoidable because the intersection of oil film and the intersection of adverse current and function cause platform take exercises precision to be bad, and because can not lubricate adequately at the time of sports, cause the orbit to contact the Taxi abrasion, influence the precision seriously. And the rolling abrasion that guides is very small, so the machine can maintain the precision for a long time.
Because when the linear slide rail moves, only need smaller motive force and let the bed platform run, especially the working way in the bed platform can obviously reduce the lossing amount of electricity of machine when the regular journey to and fro runs. And because it it rubs heat that produces to be relatively light, can suitable for high speed run.
Because linear special bunch of slide rail makes structural design, can bear the load of the up,down,left and right direction at the same time, guide slipping in parallel to exposed to surface edgewise load that direction can bear light, it is apt to cause the machine to run the precision is bad.
When assemble if you can’t mill, sharpen or grind by bed assembly surface of slide rail on the platforms only,and in accordance with step that be proposed slide rail, slip piece last machine torsions particular respectively, high-precision that can reappear while processing. A traditional one guide slidably, must lift, spend orbit, take a lot of trouble as well as time-consuming, and once the machine is bad in precision, must lift the flower once again. The linear slide rail has interchangeability, can change slippery piece or slide rail or even linear slide rail group respectively, can regain the guide to high-precision with machine.
Slip and guide it like lubricating insufficiently, will cause and exposed to the metal direct frictional dissipation bed platform of surface, slip, guide, want, lubricate sufficient and difficult, need to hole to offer the oil in the appropriate position of TV station of bed. Linear slide rail fit glib on slipping piece already, can squeeze into the oil so as to the grease gun directly, can also change the specialized oil pipe and connect and connect and offer the oil oil pipe, in order to be for the oil machine to lubricate automatically.
Selecting type of the products
Series HG: Grinding machine, milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, comprehensive process machine, discharge processing machine, keep out the bed

Have the silver straight line guide (6)

, line cutting machine, accurate quantity examine the instrument, woodwork machine, carry the machine, transport the device.
Series EG: Automatic machine, semi-conductive machinery, laser carving tool of industry, packing the machine.
Series MGN/MGW: Print table machine, robotic arm, electronic instrument and equipment, semi-conductive apparatus.
Series RG: The intersection of CNC and person who process, serious the intersection of smear metal and processing machine, the intersection of CNC and grinding machine, penetrate person who shape, discharge processing machine, the intersection of line and cutting machine, full-length Longmen lathe.
Series Q1: Suitable for the high speed, squelch muting and low electronic industry of pronouncing the dust demand. Present position: Website’s first page

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