Shanghai sells the German bearing and imports the bearing Specialized bearing OFOG major groove ball bearing 6310.2Z of machinery

OFOG group places oneself in Munich, capital of Germany, as global top bearing manufacturers, accompany by the intersection of bearing and industrial birth and development, products of OFOG get in the city getting abundant asserting in each, and been playing a very important role all the time. Have about 18000 staff in the whole world together at present, the annual sales amount exceeds 4 billion.

Forefront that OFOG stands in the field of bearing of the world all the time. But so, the development that it is every year that the company invests a large number of fund to apply to the new product and improvement of ripe products, it is exactly OFOG bearing company’s constant efforts, completion, OFOG bearing products been entered smoothly and praised as the most harsh user (such as BMW, the masses, common at that time …..)Become its long-term, stable related manufacturer. Very pointed manufacturing technology, the management mode of rigorous science, humanization, globalized sales tactics, having brought up world OFOG, OFOG will be that you will be eternal, the most credible friend!

Only one one of ultimate goal that OFOG pursues: Create more value in order to use. The concept stay in particular products of offering not merely, emphasize the intersection of OFOG and application of product even more – -Also therefore pay attention to users even more. What we paid close attention to is:
As OFOG distributor in China, rely on OFOG product management and professional technique experience for many years, under the energetical support of OFOG Chinese limited company, we have been diligent all the time, keeping in touch with users constantly, understand that requires relevantly with the industry procedure, in order to achieve these purposes. Can most low the intersection of system cost and suitable product so, respond to the request that you are keeping improving constantly.

If need to understand further detail, welcome to consult with us!

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