Seiko 61852M of constant strength of Wafangdian

The deep ditch ball bearing 61852M is the most ordinary kind of type in rolling bearing. Mainly bear the radial load, can also bear radial load and axial load at the same time. When it only bears the radial load, contact the angle as zero. When the deep ditch ball bearing 61852M has backlash of greater radial, have performance that angles are exposed to the bearing, can bear larger axial load, the coefficient of friction of the deep ditch ball bearing 61852M is very small, the terminal rotational speed is very high too.

The name of product: Seiko 61852M new type of constant strength of Wafangdian: 61852M old type: 1000852 internal diameters: 260( mm) External diameter: 320( mm) Thickness: 28( mm) Weight: 4.85( kg) Use: The deep ditch ball bearing can be used in the gearbox, instrument and apparatus, electrical machinery, household appliances, internal-combustion engine, traffic vehicle, agricultural machinery, machinery of the building, engineering machinery, roller bearing type wheel slippery shoes, long ball,etc.. Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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