Secret service bearing of 63082RS bearing 63082RS bearing price

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6308-2RZ deep ditch ball bearing parameter, specification, 6308-2RZ (40*90*23mm)

Bearing type: Deep ditch ball bearing

Our country’s new type: 6308-2RZ

Our country’s old type: 180308K

Internal diameter (mm) : 40mm ( 1.5748in)

External diameter (mm) : 90mm ( 3.5433in)

Width (mm) : 23mm ( 0.9055in)

Weight (KG) : 0.630

Basic specified dead load (kN) : 24.0 (2448.98KG)

Basic amount moves load (kN) : 40.8 (4163.27KG)

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of the lipoprotein : 7000

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of oil : 8500

The name of product: 6308-2RS bearing 6308-2RS bearing price secret service bearing is sold in batches New type: 6308-2RS old type: 180308 internal diameters: 40( mm) External diameter: 90( mm) Weight: 0.636( kg) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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