Rural Development Strategy,Rural Planning and Governing after Urbanization Rate Reached a Plateau:Taking Yuzhi City and Kobe City in Japan as Examples

This article conducted research on the rural orientation in new Japanese national planning and representative rural planning concept,measures and grass roots governence by studying experience in developed countries with the theme of'Rural Development Strategy,Rural Planning and Governing after Urbanization Rate Reached a Plateau'.Under the population decline forecast,the 7th edition Japanese national planning uses'densification in a single region and networking between regions'as the space layout concept in both rural and city areas.Following this concept,rural areas in Japan will improve regional centre of public service facility in the compact rural spatial pattern.And through promoting the circulating relationship among rural area and surrounding nodes which include functions such as education,public health services and etc.,vitality can be motivated to create the incentive innovation.The rural planning and governance in Japan is prepared by the collaboration of local government and village self-government organization.Through exploring and developing local characteristics,the purpose of protection of traditional culture,characteristic industries revitalization,rural planning compilation and construction behavior control can be achieved.This research has an important reference value for rural development in China.Firstly,compact rural concept provides solutions to both future development direction and hollowing-out problem in China rural areas,which shows us the template in human settlement environment and agricultural industry.Secondly,rural planning compilation should achieve orientation in national space primarily.And posteriorly the key points will be clarified based on goal-oriented from the perspective of space environment and multi-domain collaboration.Finally,local government should assist local settlers in forming village self-government organizations,and provide a channel to help them participate in local development decision.