Revelation to Mega Science Project Implementation——from ITER Project

International thermonuclear fusion reactor experiment(ITER)project is largest and the most far-reaching international mega science cooperation project in the worldwide which also is our country for the first time with equal status to participate in.With the most advanced management concept,management mode and management tools,the study of ITER project organization and management will provide reference for our country science and technology project management.Based on the research of the ITER project organization and management,the four major characteristics of ITER project organization and management were summarized.And based on the current mega science project management concept and management methods of comparison,from the perspective of system theory,cybernetics and information theory,management theory,the implementation characteristics of mega science project in the ITER project application were analyzed.And according to our country's history and characteristics of science and technology work,the management methods and experience for the implementation of science and technology plan project in our country to draw lessons were put forward,including the system overall design plan,the strict process control,active and effective process information feedback,an appropriate division of modular organization.