Research on the Risk Zoning of High Altitude Response and Oxygen Supply Countermeasures for Construction

Research purposes: The high altitude tunnel has the characteristics of " low pressure,low oxygen pressure and low temperature". The cold and anoxia endanger the safety of the construction personnel and reduce the efficiency of them. This paper studies risk zoning of high altitude response and oxygen supply countermeasures for construction to solve this major problem of high altitude tunnel construction.Research conclusions:( 1) Through the investigation and analysis of relevant literature on the altitude reaction at home and abroad,we adopted the practical clinical test indexes of the altitude reaction: oxygen saturation SO2,alveolar oxygen partial pressure PaO2,respiration frequency and heart rate,and established corresponding statistical relationship with altitude.( 2) Combining the altitude with the acute altitude reaction AMS frequency,the risk of altitude reaction at different altitudes is divided,and the risk zoning of altitude reaction is verified by sum and product method.( 3) This paper puts forward the corresponding oxygen supply measures for different altitude response risk zoning.( 4) It is suggested to regulate the oxygen supply index——oxygen concentration be decreased to 19%.( 5) The research result can provide a reference for safe construction in high altitude areas.