Research on the Landscape Design of Featured Towns:Sorting out Pioneer Planning Concept and A Case observing of Landscape Design of “Suzhou Embroidery Town”

Based on the four planning concepts of garden city,cultural planning,landscape urbanism and landscape infrastructure closely related to the characteristic small town,this paper takes the landscape form construction of Suzhou"Suzhou embroidery small town"as a typical case,deeply interprets the technical route and design method of its controlling detailed planning,and holds that "Suzhou embroidery small town"has constructed a new type of "industrial community"in the urban-rural integration development area,which is rooted in the historical and technical advantages of Suzhou embroidery industry.Pay attention to the overall planning of Suzhou embroidery culture in"Suzhou embroidery town",highly integrate cultural tourism and creative economy,and emphasize the planning and construction of low-density,compact and contractive landscape urbanism.