Research on the force measuring system of hypersonic vehicle in the impulse wind tunnel

Strong coupling is the salient feature of the hypersonic airbreathing vehicle.Currently the most important research method is the powered experiment of the full system vehicle in impulse combustion wind-tunnel.Firstly,based on the characteristics of the impulse wind tunnel,a fast measurement method of an integrated vehicle wind-tunnel experiment was developed in this paper.The dynamic equation of the force measurement system consisting of the test model and the balance was derived and a structural designation rule was obtained by analyzing the equation.Then,the mode analysis of the force measurement system was conducted through the simulation and the hammering test,and also the vibration signal was monitored by the acceleration sensor.The results show that the frequency of the model system meets the request of the force measurement and the vibration shape is in consistent with hammering test mode.Finally,the impulse combustion wind-tunnel experiment of the powered vehicle was carried out and the result proves that the designed model could meet the request of the impulse combustion wind-tunnel and could acquire the accurate aerodynamic load of the large-scale hypersonic integrated vehicle.All the above investigation proves that it is practical to do the research of the large-scale hypersonic integrated vehicle in the impulse combustion wind-tunnel.