Research on Evaluation Structure Model and Index System of the Project Performance of Entrepreneurial Talent Based on Grounded Theory:A Case Study of the Entrepreneurial Talent Project from the“Double-Entrepreneurial Plan”in Jiangsu Province

Talents are the first resource for economic and social development.In recent years,aiming atthe strategic targets of innovation-driven developmentand industrial transformation and upgrading,governments at all levelshave launched a series of talent plans.How to examine and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of talent plans so as to further promote the quality and efficiency of talent plans and stimulate the innovation and creativity of talents is a topic of great practical significance.Focusing on the entrepreneurial talent project in the talent plan,this paper takes the“double-creation plan”of Jiangsu Province as an example.By using grounded theory,open,axial and selective coding is carried out on the texts of the policy of the dual-innovation plan and the interview data of 25 entrepreneurial talents.The paper refines the EVG structural dimension model of the performance evaluation of entrepreneurial talent projects based on the dual performance concept of"process+result",and constructs the performance evaluation index system of entrepreneurial talent projects,which is of great significance to quantitatively evaluate the development quality of talent projects and then adopt more targeted talent agglomeration measures.