Research on Control System Simulation and Error Compensation ofInertial Guidance Test Equipment

Several problems in the design of inertial guidance test equipment were analyzed and expounded.After considering voltage feed-forward decoupling,the servo system model of device was established by“SVPWM and id=0”control mode and simulated.In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the device,two error correction methods were proposed.Based on the analysis of the principle of polyhedral prism measurement,a linear compensation method based on error averaging was proposed,and the expression of compensation calculation was given.Another method used Fourier transform to analyze the angle measurement error.The error term of a particular order can be offset by the mean value of the multi-reading head measurement result.The corrective effect of the two methods is verified by experimental cases.The results show that both methods can greatly improve the angular position accuracy of the device,and can meet the requirements of the project technical agreement for the angular position accuracy.