Research on Catalytic Pyrolysis of Reforming Non- Aromatic for the Production of Light Olefins

The composition of reforming non-aromatic was analyzed, and the catalytic pyrolysis was investigated in a Miniature fixed bed reaction experiment device with equilibrium catalyst to produce light olefins. The experimental results show that reforming non-aromatic is mainly composed of normal paraffin and isomeric alkane and a small amount of naphthene. Reaction temperature had a greater influence on the conversion of reforming Non-aromatic and the yield of total light olefins and the gasoline properties. With the increase of reaction temperature, the conversion and the yield of dry gas and coke is on the rise, the liquid product yield and light olefins selectivity is on the decline, isomerization alkane content in gasoline is reduced, aromatic content is increased, the olefin rcdticed slightly.