ReSearch on angular rate of LOS extraction technology for phaSed array radar Seeker on platform

To avoid the instability risk due to disturbance rejection rate(DRR)positive feedback in a strap-down phased array radar seeker,a new method is proposed for isolation of projectile influence by installing the phased array radar seeker on the platform framework.Through simplifying the phased array and the platform model,four methods of line of sight rate extraction are established for the phased array radar seeker on the plat-form by considering relationships of space angles and platform servo characteristics.The abilities of isolation and guidance signal tracking are analyzed separately by choosing different guidance signal output points.Re-search results show that all of the four approaches can avoid the influence of DRR.The method of platform rota-tion can improve guidance signal extraction accuracy.And the platform rotation based on the radar angle meas-urement output point can better track high frequency signal compared to the rate gyro output point.