Reduce fluctuations in antenna pointing method based on monopulse complex anglemeasurement

For the issue that the loss of target tracking problems when radar seeker detects targets at uhral-low altitude, due to muhipath interference caused by fluctuations monopulse antenna pointing, a criterion is devised based on monopulse complex angle measurement to adjust the antenna servo system. Firstly, according to the relative movement of the relationship between the target and vhe missile, the model of monopulse angle measurement under the mirroring of interference is established, specific analysis of antenna pointing fluctuations on stably tracking target is carried out. Secondly, a target height method based on monopulse complex angle measurement is proposed, the simultaneous changes in characteristics between point angle and height is utilized, the antenna pointing angle fluctuation relationship is deduced, the criterion of antenna servo system adjustment is given. Finally, the simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed method.