QJ the intersection of uniline and corner keeps in touch the ball bearing ‘ Use four point contact) Advantage

QJ uniline angle contacts the ball bearing and adopts four point contact, so have the following advantages:

But high-speed operation;

Very accurate ‘ Can control the position of trochanter ;

Can bear the huge pure axial load or foot-path axle bidirectionally and combine the load.

Its most important characteristic is, the bearing will bear enormous axial load and double ability to operate at a high speed and is rolled into one.

In with minor or pre- lighter in load interval cases, the angle of uniline can enable the accurate positioning of pivot to contact the bearing.

The ball track of bearing design into the axis with the bearing and form certain angle ‘ Contact angle ,Thus can be born the axial load much larger than the ball bearing of major groove.

The uniline bearing demands to regulate minimum axial load accurately, could give play to the good function.

Uniline, unidirectional angle are exposed to the ball bearing and can bear the axial load that only act on a direction, and two-way the bearing ‘ According to employing the requirement to be a pair of unidirectional bearings Can bear the axial load of acting on two directions.

SKF has improved these bearings in a large amount, improves the endurance of its axial load for example: Strengthen and deal with the ball group of the bearing ,This means wheel nave can work under the circumstances that bigger wheel loads the condition.

In the intersection of twin screw and compressor, two engaged trochanter the negative direction rotate each other in compressing the intersection of aircraft bonnet and shell. On the air inlet side of the compressor, the gas is the cavity pocket between inletting into the air inlet, shell wall and two trochanters of the case. The negative direction is rotated each other with the trochanter, the cavity pocket is expanded and moved forward and sucked more gas at the same time, until the cavity pocket passes the air inlet of the case. Began a bit from then more on, it is built-in to compress and continue moving forward with the cavity pocket, its space began to be waned. As the cavity pocket reaches the exhaust outlet of the compressor, the compressed air is discharged through the exhaust outlet of the case.

In the compressor of the twin screw, the function of the bearing is to guarantee the accurate positioning on radial and axial of the trochanter, and support the load of the trochanter. The bearing must carry out these functions reliably, it should be small to rub, the noise should be low. While choosing the bearing, must consider the impact on lubricating oil choosing and oil characteristic of refrigerant. All refrigerant based on carbon fluoride compound is not mixed with mineral oil freely. When staying with inclusive fluid, the degree of viscosity that refrigerant dissolves in the oil and dilutes the fluid. Weaken the fluid and turn into elastic fluid power EHD in roller contact in this way Ability of the membrane. The fluid supports to slip tribological ability but weakened too. In the screw bolt refrigerating compressor, the most frequently used bearing is that the angle of uniline contacts ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing. Two kinds of bearings have smooth smooth finish and low sliding contact which form the best elastic hydrodynamic membrane.

The cylindrical roller bearing of SKF has a lot of advantages, it is the hot choice of the screw bolt compressor, these advantages include:

Ability and low friction of high radial load are combined together – in all roller bearings, its friction under pure radial load is lowest.

Applicable to various velocity bands, including extremely at a high speed.

Can bear the weight of the medium-sized axial load coexisting with the radial load.

Allow transverse displacement in the bearing, is suitable for being used as not positioning the bearing.

The roller is designed to present logarithm and contact the shape, protruding progressively towards the top of the roller, edge stress produced of deviating that thus reduce the angle. Compared with traditional design, the cylindrical roller bearing can strengthen the operational reliability, the sensibility of the phenomenon is lower to misaligning.

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