Preparation and Characterization of PTX-MWNTs-COOH and Its in Vitro Release

OBJECTIVE To prepare and characterize PTX-MWCNTs-COOH complex and study its in vitro release properties.METHODS The PTX-MWCNTs-COOH complex was prepared by solvent blending method with paclitaxel as drug,phospholipid as surfactant.It was characterized by laser particle size analyzer,transmission electron microscope(TEM)and DSC analysis.The drug loading was determined by filtration membrane together HPLC method and the entrapment efficiency was determined by microcolumn separation together HPLC method.The in vitro release of the PTX-MWCNTs-COOH complex was studied in PBS buffer at p H 7.4(containing 1%Tween-80)with revers dialysis method.RESULTS The Zeta potential of PTX-MWCNTs-COOH complex was(-24.5±1.01)m V,the drug loading was(50.09±0.02)%,and the entrapment efficiency was(76.80±0.02)%.The cumulative release in vitro was perfect.CONCLUSION PTX-MWCNTs-COOH showed good physicochemical properties such as high drug loading and entrapment efficiency.The method of reverse dialysis can be used to study the release behavior of PTX-MWCNTs-COOH in vitro.