Predictor-corrector Reentry Guidance Based on Feedback Bank Angle Control

To eliminate the phugoid trajectory oscillation and enforce the thermal protection,a predictorcorrector guidance method based on the feedback bank angle control is proposed for the lifting hypersonic vehicles.The design of the guidance method is independent of the traditional quasi equilibrium glide condition (QEGC) that might be out of work in some specific cases.The longitudinal guidance is first developed by predicting the longitudinal range error and correcting the magnitude of the guidance command.The altitude rate is modified in real time by using the feedback bank angle law.The reversal logic of bank angle is designed for the lateral guidance based on the crossrange error and the heading angle error.The numerical simulations show that the phugoid trajectory oscillations of the hypersonic vehicle can be eliminated without QEGC.The Monte Carlo results of the reentry guidance with random initial dispersion also demonstrate the robustness of the proposed algorithm.