Prediction on the actual calculation result of the flue gasresistance of a combined-cycle waste heat boiler

In order to discuss the influence of the existing calculation method of the flue gas resistance in combined cycle waste heat boilers on the result obtained was evaluated.The errors of raw materials,fabrication,installation were considered and applying the principles of mathematical statistics,probability,and mechanical reliability,three aspects were proposed.First,a universally applicable boundary value corresponding to the variation coefficient was used to judge the calculation accuracy of both the mathematical statistics and the reliability under normal distribution.Second,the calculation method of mathematical statistics required an accurate actual calculation of the flue gas resistance.Third,the calculation method of reliability based on the existing calculation method of the flue gas resistance was less than the allowable value.Finally,an example was calculated and analyzed.The results showed that the random variables and the actual result of flue gas resistance calculation can obey the normal distribution,and the reliability for the flue gas resistance was less than its allowable value and far below the existing calculation method after considering common engineering practice.Meanwhile,after the error range of flue gas resistance for this waste heat boiler was presented,some measures and methods to optimize the boiler design and to calculate the resistance were established.This method overcomes the shortcoming of the existing calculation methods,having a certain theoretical and application value.