Chinese and English term of size and definition of the bearing

Chinese and English term of size and definition bearing term, the bearing is defined of the bearing : 1 . Dimension plan English: dimensionplan The term is defined: Including the systems or tables of the rolling bearing external dimension. 2 . Bearing series English: bearingseries The term is defined: The rolling bearings of a group […]

Even cast bearing – the steel bearing – import the bearing

Cast the bearing – steel bearing – import the bearing even ‘ Bearing type : It is one kind in the steel bearing to even cast the bearing. It apply steel to in the mechanical application often, one general the intersection of first and bearing too. Import the intersection of brand and the intersection of […]

Axle work piece turning course precision analysis

Axle the intersection of work piece and the intersection of turning and course precision analyze ‘ Axle precision : At the time of turning, the question of be reachedding etc. that will meet precision and superficial roughness, we should analyze according to the concrete course at the time of turning. First, unqualified reason and solution […]

Type tabulation of the daily miniature bearing

Daily miniature bearing type tabulation the following – namely the miniature bearing gives an example: The following are our daily miniature bearing that arrive at ordinary times. 682 682ZZ MR52 MR52ZZ 692 692ZZ 683 683ZZ MR83 MR83ZZ 693 693ZZ 603 603ZZ 623 623ZZ MR74 MR74ZZ MR84 MR84ZZ 684 684ZZ MR104 MR104ZZ 694 694ZZ 604 604ZZ […]

The main bearing stand of the engine calculates and verifies back to the hole intensity of oil

The intersection of engine and main the intersection of bearing and flat calculate and prove back to the oil hole intensity ‘ Bearing intensity : A question is described: For the oil-sealed oil spill phenomenon after corresponding to the some type engine bent axle, need to put and add extra a rally oil hole in […]

Import the bearing some new or old type size to contrast – FAG bearing – LASE20-N

It import new or old in some of bearings contrast type size – FAG bearing LASE20-N Import the bearing type : Old type: New type: LASE 20 LASE20-N LASE 25 LASE25-N LASE 30 LASE30-N LASE 35 LASE35-N LASE 40 LASE40-N LASE 45 LASE45 LASE 50 LASE50-N LCJT 20 LCJT20-N LCJT 25 LCJT25-N LCJT 30 LCJT30-N […]

The disassembly and assembly steps and methods of motor and part

Motor and their part dismantle and install step and method ‘ Bearing of the motor : First, motor disassembly and assembly step and method: Should clear up good field dismantle, get tool ready, connect line, end, finish marks build with outer cover, bearing stamping with end stamping etc., in case that make by mistake at […]