Make and import the rolling bearing: Shaping preparation method of one set of circles of bearing

The intersection of rolling bearing and numerous type, structural pattern its, the intersection of public errand and grade, material select for use and preparation method store difference in, but its basic manufacture process includes the following contents: The part of the bearing is made – the part of the bearing is checked – the part […]

Recovery technique of the casting iron bearing stand

The intersection of bearing and relevant technology quite complicated technology, comparatively speaking, foreign the intersection of imported bearing and the intersection of technology and complicatedness further, that is to say because some foreign imported bearing companies are grasping the most advanced bearing technology in the world, could make one’s own import bearing products place onself […]

Shake the bearing to distinguish with the appearance of the ordinary bearing

Shake the bearing to distinguish with the appearance of the ordinary bearing: 1,Ordinary bearing: A.Roll the intersection of daughter and diameter and roll body length little. B.The son or inner circle guide to keep the shelf rolling. C.The cylinder rolls the sub bearing keeps the shelf adopting the rivet structure, it is apt to become […]

The technological capability of oil film bearing oil of the Great Wall is powerful

It imports whom bearings compares to be strong now, a most strong one import bearing SKF, some strong bearing good too certainly, for example NSK imports bearing and FAG and imports bearings are all very strong, China has a strong bearing, generally speaking, the strongest ones are all imported bearing products. The technological capability of […]

Maan Mountain of Anhui has an area of: Can change the gear type to turn round and support and obtain practically and newly

Learn recently: Anhui Maan Mountain have an area of, turn round, support whom Co., Ltd. research and develop independently can change gear type turn round, support, gain the People’s Republic of China happily whom State Intellectual Property Bureau issue real Use the new letter of patent. It is the specialization of the largest scale of […]

A bearing factory of department exactly changed to go out of the bankrupt predicament in recombination

Yang Min comes to the workshop personally, understand the operation conditions of the factory On August 26, the leading Party group of court of Yushan goes to a bearing factory of department of Yushan county of difficult enterprise to visit, help it to rectify and improve and recombinate, go out of the bankrupt predicament. Bearing […]

Japan exchanges Gus: Introduce the sphere bearing used for engine room of the car

Japan exchanges Gus Igus Expanding Germany exchanges the sphere bearing that Gus produced ” Igubal” Product line,under can list at ℃ in 200 ambient temperatures supreming series used. It has high heat resistance and broad one that are able to bear nature that this series import the bearing, can be used many kinds of fields […]

Use and maintenance of the water pump of the engine

Must pay attention to the following several points while using and maintaining the water pump of the engine: While installing correctly, the gear of the transmission type water pump of the gear should be combined with the transmission gear closely, the belt transmission type water pump should guarantee the axle of the water pump and […]

Good at NMB Company of the miniature bearing: Have developed the minimum diameter in the world

NMB Company good at the miniature bearing develops the stepper motor of minimum diameter of the world again. Show the capability in the Hi-Tech field of this company. Develop the specification of the motor as follows newly: The voltage among the end sons is 3V, the coil resistance is 20

Teach you four methods: Distinguish the bearing true and false easily

The means that the deep ditch ball bearing that mainly exists in the distributor of the market of deep ditch ball bearing at present makes the fake is as follows, make bearing and repair wasted product bearing and abandon good bearing products in proper order with the iron, carbon steel, this kind of product generally […]