The characteristics of the structure performance of five major kinds of bearings used in plastic machinery

Five the intersection of structure and characteristic of performance of bearing that use analyze dark ditch ball bearing in the plastic machinery, sub bearing of the taper roller : The characteristic of the deep ditch ball bearing: Dark the intersection of ditch and each sets of circle of ball bearing have cross section whether the […]

Bearing knowledge: The angle contacts the characteristics and uses of the ball bearing

Bearing knowledge: The horn contacts characteristic and use of the ball bearing ‘ The bearing contacts the angle : First, angle contact the ball bearing: 1 . With have, contact horn, the intersection of contact and for the intersection of 15

Three major characteristics of the process of the rolling bearing

Rolling bearing process three major characteristic The rolling bearing is processed : The production characteristic of the rolling bearing, it is determined that its process has the following three major characteristics: 1.Specialization: In the part of the bearing is processed, adopt the dedicated device of the bearing in a large amount. If the steel ball […]

Introduction to the bearing operation method of changing speed

Operation method to change speed bearing introduce ‘ Use the bearing : 1,Change speed and transmit the appearance of the bearing and link the size to consult. 2,Change speed, may transmit the bearing the level is found a room for, can also be vertical or slope and find a room for. Can be with the […]

Bearing type, use introduce two in detail

Bearing type, use are introduced in detail bearing type, bearing use, the bearing introduction : 1 . Deep ditch ball bearing: The most representative rolling bearing, have wide use range. Can bear radial load and two-way axial load. Suitable for the rotation of high speed and require the low in noise, low vibrant occasion. Bring […]

Basic conception and term of the choice of the rolling bearing type

Basic conception and term bearing is chosen of the choice of the rolling bearing type, the bearing uses : 1,Life-span: Point a set of rolling bearings, circle or the washer of one of these It is tired before expanding the sign or the material which rolls the body presents the first, the circles or the […]